Entrepreneurship in education

Entrepreneurship is present in studies as study contents but also as learning methods that promote the students’ knowledge, skill and attitudinal competences in entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurial spirit refers to openness to new possibilities, creativity in problem solving and willingness to take responsibility. Entrepreneurial spirit is developed in all Degree Programmes by pedagogical practices supporting creativity, innovativeness and the students’ capacity for risk-taking and vision-building.

For developing entrepreneurship knowledge and skills, different Programmes have different solutions. However, all SeAMK students share 5 ECTS of studies in Business and entrepreneurship competence. Also wider pedagogical solutions and learning environments are offered in the Schools, e.g. virtual enterprise activities, Project Workshop, project learning based on needs of working life and, available to all SeAMK students, the Frami Pro learning environment.

For the students considering or planning a career as an entrepreneur, in addition to the pedagogic methods and courses of their own degree programmes, multidisciplinary courses such From an Idea to a Business (2-10 ECTS) and a special implementation of the course Business and Entrepreneurship (3 ECTS) are offered. SeAMK also has and active pre-incubator Yritystalli in which a student interested in starting or buying a business and develop his or her business idea and entrepreneurship competence. Students from all Degree programmes are eligible for participation. The development of knowledge, skills and attitudes relating to entrepreneurship is monitored in SeAMK with the Entre Intentio measures. This is a tool used to measure the development of students' interest in, consideration for, competence in and intention to engage in entrepreneurship from the time they begin their studies until they graduate.

The Yritystalli managers/contact persons at the Faculties:

School of Business and Culture: Helena Hannu (Coordinator for Yritystalli)

School of Food and Agriculture: Heikki Holma

School of Technology: Kaisu Salo

School of Health Care and Social Welfare: Piia Haapala and Sinikka Volanto